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Afghani Special Feminised Seeds
This plant in coming from an old Afghani strain with sweet scent and calming effect..

Bahia Black Head Feminised Seeds
This is a very easy strain to maintain, that comes with a combination of a strong, hash Brazilian f..

Brains Choice Feminised Seeds
Good producing sativa dominant strain with mellow taste and strong relaxing effect..

Brains Damage Feminised Seeds
This KC Brains strain can easily win your hearts and slightly "damage" your minds with a powerful, k..

Brains Escape Feminised Seeds
Brains Escape is a combination of these four well known cannabis strains: Edelwuiss from Swiss 2000,..

Brasil Feminised Seeds
Fast flowering and good yielding sativa ..

California Special Feminised Seeds
It is one of the most consistently performing true breeding marijuana strains in the world..

Cristal Limit Feminised Seeds
Cristal Limit took the best qualities from both parents, an easy growing and fast flowering and matu..

Cristal Paradise Feminised Seeds
Cristal Paradise is a marijuana indica/sativa paradise created by KC Brains..

Cyber Cristal Feminised Seeds
This beauty is covered with THC snow - this is how she got her name...

Haze Special Feminised Seeds
Haze Special is one of the strongest cannabis cup winning varieties with pleasant Haze aroma and tas..

KC 33 Feminised Seeds
High THC and lower CBD strain with a clear creative effect and a sweet taste..

KC 36 Feminised Seeds
A bit quicker than her close relative, KC 33 sativa dominant strain..

KC 39 Feminised Seeds
Great potent plant and a big producer with a very pleasant citrusy aroma ..

KC 42 Feminised Seeds
Sativa dominant cross with the ancestors from New Zealand..