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BC Gold Regular Seeds
Good quality and yield..

BC Mango Regular Seeds
Very flavourful strain..

Big Sur Holy Weed Regular Seeds
Back from 70's and 80's Californian strain..

Bohdi Sativa Regular Seeds
A mix of 3 most powerful sativas..

China White Regular Seeds
Unique Chinese Indica strain with medicinal values..

Early Bubba Kush Regular Seeds
Good producing stable strain..

Fire OG Kush Feminised Seeds
Very potent strain for pleasure and medical benefit...

Golden Temple Kush Regular Seeds
Very special genetics, potent medicinal strain..

Grapefruit Feminised Seeds
One of the purest grapefruit line..

Harlequin Bx4 Regular Seeds
CBD rich variety with medicinal values..

Harmony Regular Seeds
This is what Reeferman calls his ‘Holy Grail’..

Hash Plant Regular Seeds
Classic Lebanese strain and great producer..

Hoa Bac Silver Flower Feminised Seeds
The Hoa Bac Silver Flower in Feminized form now! ..